Yeah1 - The 12-year-old media digital entertainment company valued at $400 million

Yeah1 - The 12-year-old media digital entertainment company valued at $400 million, wants to call for a foreign capital for VND 300.000/share before being listed on HCMC Stock Exchange (HOSE).

Compared to the results in 2017, Yeah1's revenue and profit plan have more than doubled in 2018. The Group is about to issue shares for foreign investors for $100 million.

Yeah1 Group Joint Stock Company (YEG) was formerly known as Dai Su Tre Group, which was established in September 2006. It owns a huge number of channels such as Yeah1TV, Yeah1Family, Imovietv, SCTV2.

After nearly 12 years of operation, Yeah1 has a charter capital of VND 273.7 billion. This company has just submitted its application for listing shares at HOSE and became the first entertainment corporation to offer shares on the Stock Exchange.

It is expected that Yeah1 will change its business line to raise its foreign ownership to 100% after listing.

As revealed by NDH, Yeah1 is preparing to issue 7.8 million shares for international and domestic investors, expected to mobilize about $100 million equivalent to the valuation of about $400 million and the share price of VND 300,000/ share.

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In 2017, Yeah1 achieved VND851 billion in revenue, increased 48% and net profit of VND 82 billion which is 5 times higher than last year, exceeding 212% of the plan.

In 2018, Yeah1 set double revenue and profit target to VND 1,600 billion and VND 172 billion respectively. In the revenue structure, 25% is expected to come from traditional media, 25% from Youtube, and the other 50% belongs to a relatively new system, Non-Youtube. This is a section that allows ads across the site, App and Online Games, which is invested by Yeah1 from 2017 through the acquisition of a 76% stock in Netlink.

By the end of 2017, major shareholders of Yeah 1  include Nguyen Anh Nhuong Tong (41.4%), DFJ VinaCapital Venture Investment Ltd (35.71%), Ancla Assets Ltd (12.49%), Dao Phuc Tri (4.37%).

Before Yeah1, in this early year, Vietnam Television Cable Corporation (VTVCab) also had the intention of auctioning 42.29 million shares (47.8% of capital) with the starting price of VND 140,900/share, equivalent to valuing nearly VND 12,500 billion. However, this auction was delayed because there is just only one investor submitted the application.

Yeah1 Network – The only Vietnam MCN is standing on the 7th of MCN world charts.

On August 28th, 2017, Yeah1 Network has officially ranked as the 7th Multi Channel Network (MCN) in the world based on monthly view from Socialblade statistics.

Yeah1 Network, founded in 2015 with the name called Yeah1TV, used to be a simply entertainment channel for young generation. But now Yeah1TV has become Yeah1 Network with the diverse combination of media and entertainment including Yeah1TV channel, website, hundreds of websites, Facebook fanpages and especially the most prominent MCN Yeah1 Network  (a Multi Channel Network) .

Yeah1 MCN has owned about 4000 YouTube channels with various types of content. With more than 27 billion views and 62 million subscribers, it is going to be strongly developed by YouTube team at Yeah1 Network.

On August 28, 2017, Yeah1 Network officially surpassed Maker Studios (an MCN was bought by Disney with the price of 950 million dollars and earned 70 million dollars from Time Warner Investment, Elizabeth Murdoch, Greycroft Partners) to become the 7th MCN in the world based on monthly view from Socialblade statistics.

In the coming time, Yeah1 Network will strongly build the quality of content of all channel partners. Currently, Vietnam has only 4 units officially recognized by YouTube, and only Yeah1 Network is listed on Top10 of The World’s leading MCNs (7th rank). This further emphasized that the YouTube industry in Vietnam has been step by step conquering the world, led by Yeah1 Network. This is an evidence for the position of Yeah1 in general and the partners of Yeah1 Network in particular.

"Step by step, we will be together to conquer the universe" (quoted by Nguyen Ngoc Hung - Yeah1 Network CEO).

Yeah1 Network sponsored $1 Million For Digital-content Business Starters

Yeah1 Network will cooperate with Vietnam E-commerce Association and HCMC Youth Union to deploy this program.

As revealed by Yeah1 Network - YouTube and Facebook partner, the number one multi-channel network in Asia, top 7 in the world in terms of monthly views, they are launching a program named Online Business with AppWorld to support young Digital-content Business Starters. The amount invested in this project is about $ 1 million.

In Vietnam, people usually talk about start-up with agriculture, artificial intelligence or blockchain etc. despite the potential of digital content is very promising in Vietnam and over the world.

As a multi-media channel managing channels such as Yeah1TV,, Pho, media management for CGV etc., Yeah1 Network wants digital content to develop in the start-up community.

"With our resources, we will help young starters with digital-content businesses optimize their clip/app. We will help you earn money on YouTube and Facebook; while Netlink, Google partner in South East Asia and Vietnam, will help you earn money on Google.

In addition to the clip/app, we can also help you earn money from travel blogs, cooking tutorials, makeup, beautiful photos in the various genres. In the next five years, the web/app market will exceed $50 billion. A good app that can connect everyone around the world. Yeah1 Network will help you exploit the most thorough sources of traffic and users", said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Founder and CEO of Yeah1 Network.

To implement this program effectively, Yeah1 Network will cooperate with Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM). According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung, Vice President of VECOM, the association will coordinate with HCMC Youth Union to bring this program to the universities.

The program was planned from last year and has been improving. In the next coming April and May, VECOM will hold two major events to introduce this program. The program does not just fund the programmers, if you have good ideas, VECOM and Yeah1 Network will support with technical skills.

"We might be able to bring the digital-content startup program funded by the Yeah1 Network to universities, it might be called "Start a business with VND 50 million". In which, you only have VND 50 million in hand, we will support you all the rest and you can have enough capital to innovate and develop the app that can be sold global", said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung in the Vietnam E-Commerce Program 2018.